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Consistency Checking Preset

Consistency Checking Preset

Do you hate when you have your images fully edited, exported, sorted, labeled, and uploaded to the final gallery, only to realize that an image or two are a little "off"? With this preset, you can easily and efficiently check for these inconsistencies - all within Lightroom! 

*A link to this product & installation instructions will be automatically generated once your payment is processed. Due to the nature of this digital download, no refunds can be given. Please ensure you are using the latest version of Adobe Lightroom. 

*Please Note: Consistency Checking Preset will NOT preset in the Develop Module. This will not manipulate your image. It's sole purpose is to show your images tiled in a clean fashion to check for inconsistencies. Wifi is require to utilize this tool. Certain versions of Lightroom do not support this tool. Please ensure you're updated to the most current version of lightroom for proper usage. This preset tool is located in the Web Module

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