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Not JUST another fine-art preset… they’re a game-changing editing toolkit developed to handle the most difficult lighting scenarios you’ll face throughout a wedding day.

• 26 Expertly Crafted Intensity Presets & Adjustments
• 11 Undertone Profiles
• Intensity-Slider Capabilities
• Access To Our EXCLUSIVE Editing Community
• Sample Edits Available

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Situational Lighting Presets

Rave Reviews | Situational Lighting PResets Are

Taking The Industry By Storm

What If Editing Didn't Have To Be So Difficult?

Research shows, photographers spend 80% of their time SEARCHING for the right preset.

That's 80% of your editing workflow JUST to get to the starting block.

We used data and statistics (and more linear data spreadsheets than we can count) to find adjustment trends in lighting scenarios.

This merging of fine-art editing and data-driven efficiency produced the most powerful presets on the market: Situational Lighting Presets.

Learn more about this simple, 3-Step Objective Editing™ Process below.

Research & Development

Studies show that the majority of photographers we sampled spend at least 80% of their post-production workflow SEARCHING for the right preset. Applying an average of 4-5 different presets to test which one performs best as a jumping-off point. This is where your editing time is wasted.

We developed Situational Lighting Presets to outperform in areas where every other major preset producer fell short.

Tested by photographers across the country, in every imaginable lighting condition and landscape. And they crushed the competition - every time.

Not Just Another Fine-Art Preset

A revolutionary new approach to fine art editing. These presets were built to withstand the full spectrum of difficult lighting conditions photographers face while on-location, allowing photographers to achieve perfect skin tones at a record pace.

Unparalleled Data-Driven Efficiency

These presets have been tested on hundreds of weddings, by photographers across the country. Ours prevail every single time. No one has invested in research & development the way we have - and we have the spreadsheets to prove it.
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your lingering questions, answered.


Software Compatibility

In order for all features to be utilized at their highest efficiency, the Mandy Ford Situational Lighting Presets are only compatible with Lightroom Classic Desktop 12.0.1 Release or later, and ACR 15.0 or later.

At this time, is not recommended to use these presets with Lightroom Mobile or Lightroom (Cloud-Based Desktop App)


In the past, we had to choose between whether we wanted to edit with preset or profile bases. 

The Situational Lighting Presets are pre-mixed recipes with both a jumping off point preset, and an underlying base preset, and the full suite includes adjustment intensity slider presets to make editing even more efficient. 

We've tested these on hundreds of thousands of images over the last 7 years, and have found they are compatible for every brand (even jpg film scans!). 

What changes from camera to camera? Grain - The size of the megapixel that your camera provides may make grain appear larger if you are on an older DSLR with less image data and lower megapixel. 

White Balance - Our presets are auto-white balanced, so if you are on a newer, high-performing white balance camera such as Sony A9, you might prefer the camera's white balance over this preset. We have a simple, one-time fix for this if it's too distracting for your workflow.

Our presets work best on shots that have been properly exposed, or just a smidge underexposed. Though, they handle underexposure like a champ! 

YES! You can join our Mandy Ford Editing Community Facebook Group where we test images every 1-2 weeks. 

You can submit your images using this link here, and we'll share them within the Facebook group on a screen recorded video.

We'll do a live walkthrough of the edit so you can see which preset we used and how efficiently we were able to achieve the look!

Don't forget to join the Facebook Editing Group after you submit your RAW images so you can see your results!

A link to this product & installation instructions will be automatically generated once your payment is processed. Due to the nature of digital products, no refunds can be given on purchases of presets and digital assets.

If you wish to utilize our testing service, you may do so by completing the form here. 

Edits are shared every 2 weeks in our Private Community Facebook Group: Mandy Ford Editing Community.

Our presets have been extensively tested, and we stand behind their ability to perform in virtually any lighting condition. If you are unhappy with the performance of the presets, we suggest watching our tutorials & joining the editing community to learn how to best utilize the toolkit. Our team is here to help.

Clean - Efficient - Easy To Use - Luminous Skintones - My favorite tool ever! - I cannot rave enough about these! - Stop editing and buy them immediately. - I am a beginner and these presets helped me understand how to edit. - Nothing matches my film better than Situational Lighting Presets. Thank you Mandy!

Clean - Efficient - Easy To Use - Luminous Skintones - My favorite tool ever! - I cannot rave enough about these! - Stop editing and buy them immediately. - I am a beginner and these presets helped me understand how to edit. - Nothing matches my film better than Situational Lighting Presets. Thank you Mandy!


Included With Your Purchase


• Backdrop
• Base Preset
• Base Preset V2
• Black and White
• Bridal Suite
• Bright Hazy Backlit
• East Coast Classic Sunset
• East Coast Maintain Dimension
• First Look (Coronado)
• First Look (East Coast)
• Golden Hour
• Golden Hour Maintain Dimension
• Just After Sunset
• Open Shade
• Tahoe Sunrise
• Timeless Blue Subtract
• BONUS PRESETS: Direct Flash, Film Scan Touch Up


• Adjustment Preset: • Clean & Crisp
• Greens Fuji (Minty)
• Greens Portra (Warm)
• Tone Down Blues
• Tone Down Skin (Golden)
• Tone Down Skin (Rosy)
• Tone Down Greens & Skin
• Medium Format Grain


• Coronado (A fine-art preset without blue film undertone
• Coronado Blue Shadows (added blue undertone)
• Coronado Filtered Light (a medium blue shadow undertone closest to film scans)
• Coronado Golden Light
• East Coast Greens (built to neutralize hot green grass)
• East Coast Greens 2 (stronger than East Coast Greens
• Even Light | Green Grass (helps with bringing life back into dull greens)
• Harsh Sun (softens without flattening tones)
• Tahoe (handles mountain scenery effortlessly)
• Timeless Blue Subtract

Mandy Ford


For nearly a decade, Mandy has worked as a private editor, serving many of the top photographers in the photography industry.

Mandy utilized her significant editing experience to develop a post-processing solution that helps photographers achieve efficient, accurate, cohesive edits - Situational Lighting Presets.